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The USS Pegasus is a role play by Nova/email simulation.

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» New Player

Posted on Sat Oct 17th, 2015 @ 2:52pm by Captain Estelle Sanchez in General News

Everyone, please welcome aboard our newest crew member, Elliot Greer who is our new Assistant Chief Counsellor. Give her a Pegasus welcome!

Captain Estelle Sanchez
USS Pegasus

» Writer of the Month for August

Posted on Sat Oct 3rd, 2015 @ 2:03pm by Lieutenant Marcus Jamieson in General News

Congratulations to Karen for earning Writer of the Month for August in Theta Fleet. It was a tie between her and someone else, but nevertheless deserving. Here is what was said about or beloved Karen.....

Writer of the Month
Task Force 21 (tie):
USS Pegasus: I've known Karen since I first started simming. She is a writer in the true sense of the word. She is on many sims and writes with many people. For me she is like a rock or an anchor. She is always there to write with and is eager to write with anyone at anytime. There are many writers deserving of this award, but none more deserving than Karen.

Congrats Karen


» Back!

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2015 @ 5:37am by Captain Estelle Sanchez in General News

Hi Crew,

Just a quick note to say that I'm now officially back from leave and am ready to jump back in. If anyone would like to do a joint post with me then give me a shout - remember I have Estelle, Jessica and Harry (a junior medic) here that you can post with.

Karen :)

» New Player

Posted on Fri Sep 4th, 2015 @ 2:13pm by Lieutenant Marcus Jamieson in General News

Please join me in welcoming aboard the newest member of the Pegasus crew. Cameron will be playing Commander Ricca (Ikay) Palermo, our new Chief Medical Officer. Please welcome her aboard and make her feel at home. Welcome aboard Cameron!

Mike aka Lieutenant Marcus Jamieson

» Milestone

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2015 @ 8:31am by Lieutenant Marcus Jamieson in General News

Congratulations to Diane who plays Lieutenant JG Kayley Bryant. She has been on the sim for six months and has been able to put up with us! Thanks for hanging in there!

Mike aka Lieutenant Marcus Jamieson

Latest Mission Posts

» SAR Team, The Gathering

Mission: Under Siege
Posted on Sun Jul 23rd, 2017 @ 6:35am by Rear Admiral William Stone Jr & Chief Petty Officer Sonia "COBRA" Van Wyck & Commander Gwen Wells & Lieutenant Jensen Samuels & Lieutenant Daln Hadren & Lieutenant Galatea T’sher & Lieutenant Nanael Soran & Petty Officer 1st Class Julien Huton


The Sabre team, now known as the SAR team were cross training since they had returned to earth. The Peasus was a Akira class cruiser and and Sabre team was needed. Now that the Pegasus was destroyed and an Olympic class ship was renamed Pegasus do to a favor…

» A new Medic

Mission: Under Siege
Posted on Fri Jul 7th, 2017 @ 5:53pm by Rear Admiral William Stone Jr & Lieutenant Galatea T’sher


Galatea had arrived on Earth two days ago. She'd stayed with her cousin Varro, who himself, was on shore leave from the Galileo. She had been called in to HQ but not told why.

She walked around feeling somewhat nostalgic. She'd missed Earth. It was more home to her…

» A Secure Physical

Mission: Under Siege
Posted on Fri Jul 7th, 2017 @ 11:20am by Lieutenant Commander Jessica Camberley & Lieutenant Daln Hadren


Daln entered Sickbay and looked around. It was pretty quiet, just a few burn from the galley -- which was to be expected from time to time -- and everyone else was stocking and doing inventory. He decided to sit on a biobed and wait his turn.

"Hi there."…

» Shot in the Dark

Mission: Under Siege
Posted on Fri Jul 7th, 2017 @ 11:14am by Captain Estelle Sanchez & Commander Gwen Wells & Lieutenant Marcus Jamieson


Marcus checked his sensors, it had been nearly thirty minutes since the antimatter explosion and still no sigh or pursuit, "Commander, we are reaching the outer limits of the signal jammer and should be able to get a subspace message out soon."

Wells breathed a mental sigh of relief,…

» Part 5: The Call

Mission: Under Siege
Posted on Sun Jul 2nd, 2017 @ 9:00am by Lieutenant Galatea T’sher & Captain Estelle Sanchez


Admiral Tarketh sat in his office staring at the Starfleet logo on the screen. He'd placed a call to Sanchez and was waiting for it to connect. He was a vain man who prided himself on his Klingon good looks. He adjusted his hair and uniform and waited. The…

Latest Personal Logs

» Thoughts and Reflections

Posted on Sun Jun 11th, 2017 @ 4:59am by Lieutenant Galatea T’sher


Galatea sat at the kitchen table of her cousin Varro's house. She was sipping her tea and looking out at the fabulous view of the gardens. She hit the record button on the PADD in front of her. "Start personal log Galatea T'sher."

The PADD chirped and she knew…

» Surviving and Changes

Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2015 @ 7:25pm by Commander Gwen Wells

Logically what I did was right. Logically I was needed, as the only remaining senior officer to make sure our surviving crew got away safely. Didn't make me feel any better leaving the Skipper. I am happier then can express that he survived. He's a good CO and I'm sorry…

» Out with the old, In with the New....again

Posted on Wed Aug 5th, 2015 @ 9:49am by Lieutenant Commander Alec Emerson

Lieutenant Commander Alec Emerson, personal log:

Just got orders to report to the USS Pegasus, as Chief of Security. The Pegasus is a medical ship, so that'll be a new experience for me for sure. Not sure how I'll feel with even MORE doctors running around than on a regular…

» A Wonderful Day

Posted on Sat Apr 25th, 2015 @ 6:16pm by Lieutenant Raphael McCane

Raphael slowly moved the arm of the woman that slept peacefully by his side being careful not to disturb her. He carefully moved the cover and then slowly slid out of bed. He had been sleeping good, but needed a bathroom break. All the champagne that they had consumed went…

» Snake in the Bed

Posted on Sat Apr 4th, 2015 @ 6:38pm by Lieutenant JG D'Von

[Encrypting File - Classified - Level Alpha]

Begin Log,

Today certainly wins the prize for most puzzling of days. Normally I would being my day with PME (physically and mind exercises), typical of the Romulan Guard, but that was cut short when my presence was requested by Subcommander Gevanna, my…